Cunjin Bridge Park

The Cunjin bridge park, located at the west side of Chikan, from the Cunjin Bridge (Cunjin Bridge contains the meaning of that Chinese national territory inch of land worth gold and is not allowed the foreign enemy to invade.) that it acquires its name, and constructed to commemorate the heroic story of Zhanjiang people’s struggle against the French army in 1898. The hero's erect cast is standing enter square of the park. It is also the biggest subtropics botanical garden in Zhanjiang.

Founded in 1958, the earliest and longest existing park in Zhanjiang urban district since the founding of the PRC, Cunjin Bridge Park is the biggest comprehensive park in Zhanjiang, with the total area of 513 Chinese acres, of which water area is 113 Chinese acres. The park went through rapid development since the reform and open-up and ten such major scenic areas as the garden with bridge, the flower garden, the mandarin duck island, the Xianxi garden, the zoo, the playground, the martyr mausoleum cemetery, the Jinzhuyuan dance hall and the cultural square have been formed. Each scenic area has its own features! The playground is children’s paradise, Look; the children are driving the dragon boat! Jinzhuyuan is another different sight; you can see people go dancing happily in pairs! The eight Immortals were meeting in the Xianxi garden, with immortal spring and good wine to enjoy quietness! The layout of the whole park is well organized, you can see delicate and exquisite pavilions, terraces, buildings, waterside pavilions, zigzag corridors and quiet lanes are interspersed among the quiet lake with far-reaching blue surface, undulate hills, green lawn, lust green jungle, shady trees and bamboo forest. Strolling in the park, you can really feel completely relaxed, and forget to return! In these years, with efforts of manage personnel who devote themselves into development and innovation of the park, more new scenic spots have yet to emerge, making the park a more nicer landscape. Although the park does not provide accommodation facilities, the Lei Mang Yuan restaurant located in the front side door of the park, will provide you with simple meal you during morning and evening tea hours, as well as regular lunch and dinners with rich food. The Cunjin Mansion is comfortable and convenient as hostel does.

Cunjin Bridge Park more than its beautiful scenery and quiet environment, which is also the base for patriotic education appointed by Zhanjiang municipal government, records the history Zhanjiang people’s struggle against French army to invade. Across the drain channel of Yueying Lake, the park is divided into two big scenic areas by Cunjin Bridge. The anti-France hero statue, standing in the spacious entrance plaza of park with Righteousness and unyieldingness, is the heroic image of Zhanjiang people!  While the seven large brush-written Chinese characters "an inch territory worth inch gold" with glittering engraved on the Bridge is the Sonorous oath that Zhanjiang peoples safeguard the motherland forever.