Symbol of Xuwen County: Dengyun Tower


  Old tower with ceiba


  Stone tablet of DengYun Tower

  News from (Photo/Zeng Qingwen and Article/Wu Kai and Lin Jin) Dengyun Tower is located in the intersection between Dongfang No.1 Road and Minzhu Road in Xucheng town of Xuwen County. In the 43rd year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty (in 1615), Zhao Yihe, governor of Xuwen County, begin the construction, and in the third year of Tianqi in Ming Dynasty, the governor Ying Shiyu complete the work. The ancient people consider Dengyun Tower as “knowledge and pen”, showing the wish that many talent would be from Xuwen, and they would enjoy a good promotion in their career.


  Iron parrot and coppery bell of Dengyun Tower


  Firework of Dengyun Tower

  Dengyu Tower, of a height of 36.41 meters, also known as “Wind Tower”, is a brick-structure tower of seven stories in the shape of a pavilion, of which each story is in the shape of octagon. The tower has a stone tablet hanging on its gate, writing the name of the tower, where an inscription lies in the left side recording the Chicheng County Governor’s name Ying Shiyu and the inscribing date. Each story of it was adopted the design of fake flat-plate and its eaves are realized through the complex alternated with two types of distinctive bricks. The wall of it gathers toward the vertical axle as the height grows, with its 190 steps inside it climbing in a counterclockwise direction. A iron pillar base in the shape of a reverse washbasin is in the sixth story of it, which is 1.46 meters in diameter and 0.54 meter high. During the reconstruction in 1991, a paragraph of curved inscription was found on the pillar base, which records the construction cost of the tower in terms of silver currency. Upon each top of the eaves lies an iron parrot with a copper bell on its mouth, which rings with wind blowing.

  Because of tower’s position as the center of county, visitors not only can overlook the whole view of the county, but also can look far at the sails in the South China Sea at sunny days. Therefore, the tower is described as “high tower with wind”, one of the old eight sceneries in Xuwen.

  Old tower enjoys the unique building style, magnificent outlook, and many popular romantic stories. It is rumored that in the ancient time, a fairy came to the earth and found Xuwen a remote area with little cultural atmosphere, so she decided to build tower for cultivation of geomancy. She thought that she can begin the work in the beginning hours of one night, and completed it in the following hours. However, the land God became anger with her, and pretended the morning crow to bother the fairy. She thought the dawn was arriving, and left it uncompleted with 7 floors and put the two pots on the top of the tower. Three days later, the two pots flew, one in the Shiling Mountain to be today’s Shiling Pool and another in Liumei Stream to be today’s Xiangshui Pool.


  Stone tablet of Dengyun Tower


  Night view of Tower Road

  After foundation of P.R.C, Dengyun Tower has been protected and restored. On March, 1983, it was listed in the County Protected Historic Site, and on August, the County government gave the fund to repair it, so that the tower aged over 300, acquired a completely new outlook. In recent years, Wenta Street has been transformed, and the circle square with tower as the center and new buildings with blue glazed tiles will be built. In the sunshine, with shining blue titles of old style, the old Dengyun Tower really takes a new bright outlook. Many changes take place in Xuwen, and it has been developed to be a riverside green city in the south edge of China, so that a new chapter of Xuwen has been written.


  New appearance of Tower Road